Sunday, March 29, 2009


So my LIVE subscription ran out. Damn my being broke! Well, not broke, just a college student who can't get around the fact that there are priorities. Damn my sensibilities! Anyways, one of these nice fine days I'll drop a 50 on the 13 month subscription card and then I'll be sittin' pretty for quite awhile. Until then, I play with myself... Wait. That came out wrong. Alright, no it didn't.

Seriously, I'll be picking up that card soon. That's right, I'm only days away from pwning n00bs (and zombies) once more.

Anywho, my gamertag is as follows: dolenraug

Got that? Good. Feel free to send me an invite. Gaming is always, and by always I mean sometimes, more fun with others.

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